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    Bleach Chapter 556 Spoilers


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    Bleach Chapter 556 Spoilers Empty Bleach Chapter 556 Spoilers

    Post by Kakashi_Yamato_Iruka on Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:58 am

    Source: Baidu

    平子被E妹子轰倒 “平子”

    变成短发的雏森前来营救 (雏森的形象变化很大 像个假小子了)

    E妹子攻击雏森 大狗护住了雏森



    还是狗耳属性帅哥!!! 大狗使出卍解 身后的天谴明王变样了 像个很厉害的鬼


    Hirako was took down by Bambieta

    Hinamori Becomes short hair and come to rescue (Hinamori’s image has changed dramatically like a tomboy)

    Bambieta sister attack Hinamori and Komamura protects her.

    Sajin Komamura use Bankai to turn to be a tough monster.

    Trans : Shirou at BA

    Shinji was struck down by Bambietta….
    Hinamori comes to the rescue (her appearence has changed quite a bit and she sort of looks like a tomboy).
    Bambietta attacks Hinamori and Komamura protects her.
    Komamura!!! Komamura… He!!!!!!
    He becomes a hot dog (pun intended).
    Something about Komamura’s ears looking like a handsome male’s – (probably didn’t translate it properly).
    Komamura uses Bankai, his Tengenmyo has changed a lot, it is now a very powerful oni…

    Bleach 556 End

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