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    Naruto RP character creation

    Divine Rush
    Divine Rush

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    Naruto RP character creation Empty Naruto RP character creation

    Post by Divine Rush on Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:58 am

    This will be the template we use to create our characters this is subject to change and will have updates which I will post in here indicating the changes etc. There will also be restrictions on how many elements you will be allowed per rank. So keep this in mind while you are rping I will also be listing the details on each rank also on a separate info thread now this is the template.

    Sex: male or female
    Appearance: picture or description of characters looks.
    Classification: (rank)
    Affiliation: village or location.

    Personality: describe how your character is calm sad etc
    Background: a description on the past or present overview of your character.

    Chakra Natures: what elements your character is capable of.
    Shinobi Skills: skilled in taijutsu excellent swordsman etc
    Other Skills: minor skills your character possess
    Kekkei Genkai: special clan trait (to your ranks ability)
    Equipment: example kunias paperbombs swords scrolls etc

    Just remember when your making your character to think of the rank allowed and the strengths of that rank no op is needed. Now what I'm about to post with the help of Joon we have an example of what some of the restrictions for each rank can consist of.

    Genin: One Element/Special
    Chunin: 2 elements/special, or one of each.
    Special Jonin/Anbu: You may gain another element or special.
    Jonin: You may not have more than 3 elements or specials, though at this point, you may gain another element or special.
    Kage: May have a forbidden technique that is learned by one of the ancient scrolls of village.‏

    Specials would be puppets, taijutsu, etc‏

    You could also upgrade a special instead of gaining a new one. Like for puppets:‏

    Puppeteer(1 puppet)
    Puppet veteran (3 pupets
    Advanced Puppeteer ( Can make human puppets and can learn the fundimentals of puppet construction skills.)
    Puppet Master: Can have up to ten puppets and has master puppet creation skills.

    And the final thing about the creation thread is that all characters will be reviewed and looked at and discussed as need be so if there was to be something wrong with one or more characters a mod of the section has the right to bring it up.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this hope I covered most of what you need to know about this thread any questions you allowed to post on this thread about anything concerning your character.

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