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    Noctis' Role Play Compendium and Database


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    Noctis' Role Play Compendium and Database Empty Noctis' Role Play Compendium and Database

    Post by Noctis on Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:16 am

    Naruto RP
    Name: Bale
    Age: ???
    Sex: M
    Noctis' Role Play Compendium and Database White_Fox___turnaround_by_dinmoney
    Classification: Rogue
    Affiliation: The Propagation and Preservation of knowledge

    Personality: Very direct and neutral to most parties. Some would call him cold, while others would call him caring. His true personality rarely, if ever, shows.
    Background: He never truly belonged to any village, nor any system of shinobi. Instead, he grew up in secret, being taught how to use his potential by his father, a retired shinobi himself. His father was very idealistic, in what should and should not be in the world. But his passion for combat overrode it for most of his life. Only once he retired to becoming a historian, did his ideals truly show. It was then he decided not to expose his son, Bale, to the system of shinobi. He taught him what he knew, and imposed his ideals onto him. The preservation of knowledge, and the ability to learn more meant more than anything to Bale. More than himself. More than others. He was quickly and secretly put out into the world to pursue his father's, and his own, ambitions. The world considers him a rogue shinobi, despite never belonging in the first place.

    Chakra Natures: Wind, Lightning
    Shinobi Skills: Knowledge of most forms of jutsu, skilled in Ninjutsu.
    Other Skills: Very Analytic. Can break apart jutsu by seeing it once or twice.
    Kekkei Genkai: Line Style: Allows the user to manipulate the vectors of what he touches. Primarily used in coordination with his blade, Tyrant.
    Equipment: His blade, Tyrant. (See appearance)

    Role Plays in progress
    LoM reboot prototype
    Divine Rush
    Divine Rush

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    Noctis' Role Play Compendium and Database Empty Re: Noctis' Role Play Compendium and Database

    Post by Divine Rush on Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:01 am

    Good idea can't wait to see your stuff and RP's Smile

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