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    Madness RP!


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    Madness RP! Empty Madness RP!

    Post by Rikudo on Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:50 pm

    Well hello hello how are we all?
    I am sure those of you who know me may have also known me to be an insane siscon with a sadistic love for Blood in both my AG style and those who have played RPs with me maybe also know how messed up OPed some of my characters can be...

    Well Madnesss does have a side to itself that enjoys bringing in company for those that love themselves some epicness!

    So here is the situation last AG was a breaking point the civies failed to stop the madmen from destroying their towns and even failed to kill them even one of them always by a close call but a fail is a fail and a repercussion to failure is always in demand! The Void Commands it!

    Thus the madmen have since opened many more portals and taken over many more towns at this point a good percentage of the world is now inside the void and many people have been fighting with the denizens from that realm.

    Tensions are high as you might guess the people whos lives have been forever changed by these rather odd denizens that seem to really have a should we say interesting sense of logic to say the least are not exactly happy.

    And the natives of the void are not particularly happy to have to share their milk and cookies with these rather rude and tasteless oddballs who claim to view anything that follows a straight path will even remotely reach a wall eventually why how dare they?!

    Needless to say there is no love lost between these individuals and that is where you guys the players come in and decide what the fate of this new realm has in store!

    Will madness reign supreme or will sanity finally have a chance to shine its light of lucidity!
    Oh who am I kidding Go Madness!

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