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    Rules on the Arena


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    Rules on the Arena Empty Rules on the Arena

    Post by McJavabean on Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:30 am

    Default settings for a thread unless specified

    Prep time: Neither side receives any notable prep time before the starting bell. Neither side may take any offensive or defensive actions before the starting bell. Planning is allowed and powers that are automatic or 'always on' can be up, but actions such as setting up forcefields, taking flight, or consciously activating powers is not. For example, Batman cannot shove together an 'anti-Avengers spray' before the fight.

    Standard Equipment: Each side starts out with the equipment that they normally and have been shown to consistently carry on them. For example, Daredevil would have his billy-club, but Reed Richards would not have the Ultimate Nullifier. In a scenario fight, the contestants in whose city/reality the fight takes place are allowed access to any material resources they usually have there or of any team they're active members of, as long as they can reasonably get to them. For example, in a scenario set in the DCU, Green Lantern would have access to equipment in the JLA Watchtower, but not the Titans headquarters.

    Basic knowledge: Each side receives basic knowledge of the other. A good measure of this would be what the general population of the character's home-world knows. For example, that Superman has a weakness to Kryptonite is general knowledge, but that he's Clark Kent is not.

    Blood-lust: It is assumed that each contestant in the arena will fight to his/her best ability. That means they will use any powers at their disposal. For example, even though The Flash doesn't clock each of his own opponents in the first picosecond in his own comic, it is assumed that is a viable tactic on this board since it is a proven fact that he possesses that level of speed. It is also assumed that the characters fight at their optimum levels of ability - not explicitly weakened or unusually powered up for those who have variable power levels.

    Setting: The default battle area is the Battle Grounds Arena: a colossal arena that looks somewhat like a Roman Amphitheater. It is typically a 250 feet by 200 feet ellipse, though the size is adjustable in accordance to the size of the contestants; the opposing sides start out about 100 feet from one another. The Arena is itself next to completely indestructible. The audience are protected from stray energy blasts/debris/body parts by a godly powered force-field. The ground of the arena itself does not have this protection, nor is the sky-dome covered by it. Where a fight can take to space if the characters have that capability

    No outside help: Unless specified otherwise, no contestant may call for outside assistance, even in scenario matches. For example, Captain America cannot call in the Avengers during a fight with Batman.

    Leaving the field: Combatants who leave the field of combat on purpose forfeit the match. If they are removed from the arena against their will (being punched, thrown, teleported, etc.) and can make it back under their own power, then they are still in the fight. Obviously, if a combatant leaves the field and cannot return under their own power, They then loose by ten count

    Fight Stipulations: To The Death or Knock out (unless it’s a scenario match then it’s entirely up to the discretion of the OP’er)

    Debate Standards for evidence (this is applied to all debates though PIS is default for scenario matches unless specified otherwise)

    Plot Induced Stupidity: or PIS, is when characters don't use their abilities or skills to the fullest extent as shown before, even within their personality ranges, for the sake of the story plotline. It makes lesser powered characters an actual challenge against higher powered characters in the comics. Examples of PIS include Flash stories lasting longer than three panels, or Toy Man as a threat to Superman. Standard BG fights exempt the contestants from PIS unless otherwise specified. Feats influenced by PIS are not valid evidence unless supported by consistent showings.

    Character Induced Stupidity: or CIS, refers to any natural mental limitations that characters impose upon themselves and reduce their ability to use their own skills and powers effectively. Unlike PIS, CIS does not occur because the plot requires it, but because the character is genuinely that dumb. Examples of the CIS-afflicted include characters such as Rhino or Jar Jar Binks. Standard BG fights do not exempt the contestants from CIS.

    Spider-man versus Firelord Exemption

    Spider-Man vs. Firelord, or SvFL, is shorthand that refers to any time when a character performs a feat that their powers and skills should be blatantly insufficient for, and is not repeated or is rarely repeated again relative to the character's overall established career, as well as the character's opponents' established showings. In statistical terms, it is an outlier, something that is radically beyond the character's established capabilities. For Example Hulk vs Dr Strange from WWH would be an example of SM vs FL (Hulk should have been slaughtered) however, Batman being able to sneak up on Superman is not because he has done so frequently under different writers using various artifacts of highly advanced technology to do so. The term is named from an infamous comic story in which Spider-Man defeated the aforementioned herald of Galactus.

    For standard BG fights, feats considered to fall under the SvFL exemption are not valid. Likewise, examples of writing which go against firmly set canon are also ignored. For example, Our Worlds at War and much of the feats therein Written by Joseph Leob would fall under SM vs FL

    Feats: consistent showings (high end and normal) are the only valid form of evidence- while calculations and other methods of fan interpretation of these feats can be presented in the BG’s nothing trumps consistent feats everything takes else in canon takes a back seat to on panel evidence:

    Word Of God: Should not be used as evidence unless directly supported by on panel feats. Inconsistent writers can be impeached and declared invalid if what they intended to portray does not support what occurred on panel. Writers make spoken word errors all the time and narration can be flawed. While you can use proven reliable character statements they should always be backed up by feats suggesting that such a thing is possible. When not supported by such evidence a statement no matter who makes it is invalid.

    Hyperbole: will not be used as valid evidence on this site: Cell cannot destroy a solar system and Amateratsu cannot burn as hot as the sun.

    Data Books: famous for being laughably inaccurate this form of evidence will be used as secondary canon only when not contradicted (if the Data Book in question has even one inconsistency then the entire book will not be allowed to be used as evidence)

    Low end showings: Feats like Superman being knocked out by a fence post, Goku fearing Chi Chi, and the like will not be considered valid evidence to use in debates. Unless the low end showings massively outnumber the high end ones.

    Character statements: can be used as evidence when the character is showed to be reliable but even reliable character statements will take a back seat to feats

    Canon: You will use the primary canon only: Whatever that maybe you will not utilize non canon material (the DBZ anime) unless specified by OP fiat.

    Code of ethical conduct

    Honesty: You will not lie; you will not misrepresent feats or information of any kind. You will not misrepresent another posters post in an attempt to launch a false attack against them. You will not engage in any type of dishonesty. When caught you will be dealt with as a troll

    Courtesy: is something that you earn through making valid points and debating properly, while we discourage impatience and cruelty towards new posters. Understand that people will not walk on egg shells around you nor will we the staff force them to do so

    Flaming: We have no problem with you calling a spade a spade (if you can prove it) what we do have a problem with is bullying. Posters should realize our members are under no obligation to treat you the same way one would treat a Pre-K student. Unwarranted cruelty and flaming that is without justification is another matter entirely report this and we’ll put a stop to it.

    Trolling: can come in a variety of forms biased debating and fanboyism is one of those forms: You are welcome to be a fan of a series but when you start embellishing that series and downplaying others you become a problem not just for the member base but for the staff as well.

    Civility: While we encouraged gentlemanly debating understand that VS debating is abrasive and competitive by nature and that what might appear to be harsh and mean may not actually be a personal attack but deliberate response without any malice behind it: Essentially use your judgment to determine what is what before reporting it to the staff, if someone really is going too far with you we will deal with it.

    Thanks to IWD for this use.

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