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    Important Rules to the Role Play


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    Important Rules to the Role Play Empty Important Rules to the Role Play

    Post by McJavabean on Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:56 pm

    Absolute Rules
    1) Watch your Language.

      There is no reason to get into character to the point you are cussing. Creativity and character are fine and this is a Role Play. But Watch what you say, there are kids here as well. This means using sub's to cuss with out it being blanked out. Things like the S word and isuing a '$' sign to use for an S or a ! for an i. If broken, you will be warned or if abused to much temporary Role Play Ban. Meaning is you refuse and do it again, you will be banned depending on what you do for i.e. 4 days or more.

    2) No sexuality.

      Just like with cussing, getting in character is one thing, but there is no reason to go as far as taking the user portrayed as a girl and taking her garments off for some house play. You could be 16-20 and that 'Girl' could be a 9 year old or 13-14 year old. And even a boy. If you wish to go that far, then ask either me or the user. to which I will already know ALL users age to the point that breaking this rule and you are 17 and she is 12, will result in an automatic Ban. But not so harsh that you can not do anything or come back. So as long as you respect the sites authority. Because I have my ways if you persist to give us a bad name.

    God Mode and Game Master
    Game Master
    The Game Master is the one who has created the role play. They are the deciders on how it goes on settings and rules. Remember that you joined THEIR Role Play. If you see an issue, talking to them or posting your thoughts in a brain-storm attempt is always good. All game masters will be in charge of a role play, but not all role plays will have a game master, they are the fate of the RP and you're at their every whim. At times they can fall under stress or things that make their life in the forum over all hard. Please keep in mind when talking to them that they might be working on something and to not take the random out burst serious. They are normally nice people. If a GM is crazy and abusive with his powers a Mod will step in and deal with it. If you feel something is wrong and it is him, then talk to a Mod or have a Mod talk to him.

    God Mode
    This is illegal and also known as GM. It is the father holder in title to all things illegal in the RP's. Anything else will fall under this like a category holds the forums. In most cases, is an automatic disqualification. Depending on the game master or the severity of the instance, of course. Basically GM is used to force your win and should not ever be used unless the GM or it is for the story to be used.

    Auto-Hit - This is the act of hitting your opponent in your text, forcing your hit in which should never be done.

    Rules on Auto-Hitting wrote:
    What you should NOT do.
    Incorrect wrote:Bill ran towards his opponent and stabbed him in the chest. He then turned around and cut his his arm. This severed it off completely in a clean slash.
    What you should do.
    Correct wrote:Bill ran towards his opponent and slashed at him. He then spun around and thrust his blade to his opponent that would serve as a deep stab.

    Time Manipulation - The act of altering time or the sequence of events, causing things that should have occurred to not occur or vice-versa.

    Rules on Time Manipulation wrote:What you should NOT do.
    Incorrect wrote:>Bill aimed to kick his opponent, John, into the air, and follow up with a downward punch.
    >John saw Bill and deflected the kick away stopping the punch from happening.
    What you should do.
    Correct wrote:>Bill aimed to kick his opponent, John, into the air, and follow up with a downward punch.
    >John saw Bill and deflected the kick away, following his movements, John blocked the downward punch.

    Note how you can allow your opponent's moves, while still countering effectively. Keep this in mind.

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