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    New Members - READ THIS!


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    New Members - READ THIS! Empty New Members - READ THIS!

    Post by McJavabean on Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:10 am

    When something is unclear to you, I beg you to not directly ask a question in the help sections (Technical Issues and Feedback Forum in a nutshell).

    First, you should check the HELP threads (links will be in the end of the thread), many questions are answered there. If you are unable to find the solution to your problem, you can either ask an experienced member so you do not bother the admins since they have a lot of work to do or you can make a thread in the help sections.

    The administrators / moderators have a lot of work to do, so to help yourself and save their time, you can just look up for the problem. Again, if you can't find a solution, post a thread here and you'll find what you need.

    Common problems :

    How to add a signature?
    How to add an avatar?
    How to add an image in my signature?
    How to make a custom avatar?
    What is reputation?

    -Signatures can be added in the User Control Panel (User CP). In the left side, there are few tabs and there's a box where it says 'Edit Signature'. Press it and then edit your signature.
    NOTE :
    5 posts (that count towards post count)
    10 Reputation Points
    30 days since account was made

    If ANY of those conditions are met, you will be able to have a signature.

    -To add an avatar, you have to follow the steps of adding the signature, it's basically the same process.

    -How to earn picture/video rights in signature?
    You should have at least 300+ posts and a good history on the forum.
    Once you meet that requirement, PM (send a message) Maikeru Shinigami or AshenREAPER a picture/video to be approved in your signature. Remember, it must not contain Viz material or any other illegal stuff.

    -Custom avatars are not allowed, you have a large selection of avatars provided by the forum.
    The only way of earning a custom avatar is by getting elected as MotM (Member of the Month) and you'll have to work hard to achieve that. MotM brings up some other perks as well, one of them being the ability to have a colored username.

    -Reputation is a way of rating users depending on the quality of their posts. So you must give reputation away based on the quality of the post, basically your thought of how good or bad the post is.

    Reputation may be positive, negative or neutral.
    Neutral reputation is only given when the person giving reputation can not affect a persons reputation.

    The Reputation System
    This thread perfectly explains the reputation system, how much reputation can be given or taken, so take a small part of your time to understand the reputation system better.


    The help threads :

    The Complete Forum Help Guide
    -This thread has everything you need, perfectly setup by TheBlackChidori, you'll find most of what you're looking for here.

    ANBU Help Topic! Ask Any Question Here!
    -This thread is a help thread, you can ask any question here and you will be answered by experienced members.

    What can/cannot be post in the forums!
    -The title itself shows the purpose of the thread. That's a great thread to guard you from infractions/bans/warnings.

    Forum Rules
    -A must READ if you haven't done already.

    HOW to Ask for Help
    -This thread perfectly serves its purpose, the thread maker showed some perfect scenarios of asking help and getting answers.

    Thank You - Shisko, Admin.

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