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    Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki


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    Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki Empty Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki

    Post by Darsh on Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:13 pm

    Old Man Genocide takes on
    - Kisame
    -Six paths of Pain (with crippled Nagato)
    -Tobi (with Rinnegen + Sharingan, but no six paths. He can still summon Gedo Mazo)
    -Zetsu (this is also the White Zetsu Army)

    All at once.

    They all start off in base but Team Akatsuki has 10 minutes of prep.

    No knowledge for either side. I assume that they can see Yamamoto and no reiatsu crushing.
    Setting: Soul Society
    Distance: 50 meters

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    Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki Empty Re: Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki

    Post by McJavabean on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:47 pm

    This seems like a good match.

    Sasori is not one to attack head on, so he will be range. Same with Deidera.

    The six Paths of Pain would be an extremely hard foe. But the moment it begins, Yamamoto can use his Shikai to burn a wall around everyone and on his enemies. The only one who can stop this is Preta Path. Chakra =/= Reishi

    While a Body Flicker is to a Shunpo, Bleach makes it rather hard to determine the exact speed. So for this they would be =.

    As such Bleach is known to use Flash Step more in battle then Naruto uses Body Flicker. Most times people do not predict the incoming body flicker, but they do at times. As seen with Kakashi chasing Sasuke on the bridge, they both preformed Body Flicker.

    So Once the fire is up, Yamamoto can just slame both hands into Both Kisame and Preta Path. Thus using his Hakudo that will tear you apart on contact. The fire will set Sasori ablaze like a match to fire.

    Diedera is far to weak.

    Itachi would preform a Genjutsu, but the flames would pose to much of a risk factor to allow that and not deal with the flames. So he would counter with Amatsaru, but those can be countered by Yamamoto's Flames.

    The rest of the paths would be relatively worthless to Yamamoto aside from Deva.

    Deva can preform his push and pulls, but if he does that, the flames rom the sword pose to much of a risk to have any of the body's be hit. So he would push. But he just Flash Steps back. CT is a good attack, but then Yamamoto enters Bankai, thus the heat alone would pose a massive risk, even for Water dome.

    Zetsu army is a bunch of fodders and would be killed by the spirit pressure because they are so weak, that even the rules saying not SP, they would still be effected. Or just burned. Laughing

    Konan can't do crap. She is paper, and paper burns easy.

    Obito would die... He can not use wood or the ladder of Konan happens, and his intangible only last for so long. A Flash step is possible to escape a Kumi, since a teleportation seems to work. So that means they are not stuck or bound. Thus he can walk away. Or burn his ass as Obito most times has to near them. Once he is tangible, he is killed.

    Hidan will be burnt to a crisp, and his buddy would follow the same as the hairs would burn and stink up the place. His mask can not do anything. Water is weak. Wind powers it. Why would you use fire to fire his fire which increases the heat?

    Bankai is a death wish as they fight everyone they have even battled or he had in burnt skeletons.

    So Yamamoto wins. His Hakudo is far to powerful. And he clearly knows all Hado, since he created the SS school and they teach it there and he at first taught everyone.

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    Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki Empty Re: Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki

    Post by Twisted on Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:25 pm

    Mr.S pretty much covered everything xD

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    Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki Empty Re: Yamamoto Genryusai vs The Akatsuki

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