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    Information regarding Fan Fiction and Stories:


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    Information regarding Fan Fiction and Stories: Empty Information regarding Fan Fiction and Stories:

    Post by McJavabean on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:50 am

    In this section, there will be both novice and expert writing style. While this is not English Class, I would incorporate you to use the best of English Grammar when using English. Let me give you two basic examples on what to and not to do.

    1. The train left the station at 4:50. After which, a sound illuminated the tunnel as a light followed. Soon a black metallic train rushed out of the tunnel and slowed down before stopping.

    2. the train left the staton at 450 after which a sound come out of the tunnel with a light behind it as soon as a black train rushed out and stoped.

    One is a good one and may not be perfect, but you can read it. Two one the other and is so bad, it is a basic 'Run on Sentence'. Meaning there is no periods in it, as to which will continue in one sentence. Not only that, but there are grammar issues. While I do not like to nag, you should at the very least activate some form of auto correct to help you on that. I will either here or another forum, include basic grammar tutorial for non-English and bad English users.

    Just bare in mind that you are posting here for a good reason. At the very least use grammar enough that people may read. It does not need to be English, just use good grammar. Worse to worse I might contact you if it is good for future use that you would like. (Promotions and such like contest) Or to help correct your issues.

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