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1. No spamming outside of the Daily Convo Threads.

-> Do not go off topic. If the thread is about toast you will talk about toast.

-> Do not make short and useless posts such as “ye...” or “hmm…”. (If the staff members see this then they will delete the post and send you a warning, if they see it a second time they will give you a ban for 1-2 days. If after your ban you come back and do the same you will get a longer ban).


2. No flaming (insulting and bad mouthing other members and staff) or racial/sexist comments in posts or in PMs, this includes severe swearing. Serious flaming will result in an automatic ban, the length of the ban will be determined by the staff member banning you. If you receive 3 infractions for flaming (as in, you flame, get banned, come back and flame again, like that three times), on your third flame you will be perm banned. This rule also applies to the racist/sexist infractions and the stealing infractions...get 3 of one of those, and you will be perm banned. Furthermore, if you get a combination of 4 of any of the auto-ban infractions (flame/racist/stealing), on your 4th infraction, you will be perm banned.

->One or two swear words in a long post are acceptable but we do not want to see something like “for f**k’s sake what is this f**king a** ra**ping ba**tard f**king talking about… s**t?” – if we see something like this delete the post and send you a warning, if we see it a second time we will give you a ban for 1-2 days. If after your ban you come back and do the same you will get a longer ban.


3. No multiple posting, (this means posting straight after you have posted, wait for someone else to post then you post). If you have something to add on to the post do not make a new one, there is a Edit Button at the bottom right of your post for a good reason – use it. There is an acceptation to this rule, you may post two or more times in a row IF:

->This does not follow for certain things.(by this I do not mean a crap load of spam, I mean something useful, something like a fan fiction story etc.)

-> If you double post once, the posts will either get merged or one of them will be deleted and you will get a warning, if you do it again you will get a short ban, if you come back and do it again you will get a longer ban.


4. Posting of any pornographic material will only result in an automatic 1 week ban or if it’s bad enough you will get an automatic perm ban. If you repeat this then you will get a perm ban.


5. DO NOT post in other people ban or warning threads (the ban threads are usually closed but if ever one of them might be accidentally open you do not post in it). This will get you a 1 day ban per post, 2 posts = 2 day ban. If you do it a second time you will get a 2 day ban per post, 2 posts = 4 day ban and so on.


6. No advertising of money making schemes or sites. This will result in a 7 day ban.


7. Please don't give spoilers for any type of media (video games, movies, anime, manga, ect.) If you must give spoilers, then please use the Spoiler Button function. If you don't, you will be given an infraction.

8. No Trolling. Trolling-- The act of purposefully antagonizing a member of the forums. Trolling will result in a 4-point infraction per troll post. This means that a total of three troll posts will result in an auto-ban.

9. Just because a rule is not listed here, does not mean that you can't be punished for it. We are human, and therefore can not predict every little thing that may happen and write it down here. NOTE TO MODS: If you have a question on whether or not something is against the rules, please ask Admin about it.

10. No Duping. This means if you are banned, do not make more and more and more accounts just to get on. We see them all. We might not get to it right as you make it, but we see it. Mr. S watches things like this on certain people like a hawk. I would not cross him by trying to Dup. lol

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