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    Post by McJavabean on Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:21 am

    First, I'd like to welcome anyone who has joined and is or has joined this area of the forum. It will be updated of course over time, however, for those new, I want you to make sure you have read the rules and become familiar with it. Nothing will bother users who come here to this section the most than people who blatantly ignore the rules.

    Introduce yourself if you can. We want to get to know you. We like to keep a good relationship here and a nice atmosphere. So if you get smashed in the face in a debate, do not take it personally, that is either how some people debate or one of millions of reasons, but if they say you are acting like an idiot, chances are you are. That just means you have room to grow and to better yourself. Look around to the veterans to see what you can do to better yourself.

    Have decent grammar. Look, no one will bite your head of if you do not cap or have one or two misspelled words. That is fine, and some are not native English speakers. However, do not use text talk. Nothing is more annoying, a sign of ignorance and flat out an eye soar to read then when you talk like "tis we mite no wat u men" but don't.

    Plus I might personally fly in here and kick your arse if you do. Laughing It's nothing personal, I just cannot handle people who can not take the time to type a word out correctly. Be fucking coherent is what I am getting at. Grammar isn't the issue, coherency is.

    It's worse if we know you are on a computer also, just take note. :mrs:

    Finally, just have fun.

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