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    The Rules for the Debating Forum


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    The Rules for the Debating Forum Empty The Rules for the Debating Forum

    Post by McJavabean on Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:49 am

    The following three rules really only reinforce the already existing rules, but this should make it quite clear.

    1. The Debate Forum does not give you free reign to be a rude jerk. If you are a rude jerk, you won't be allowed to view the Debate Forum and/or you will jeopardize its very existence.

    2. Be mindful of the type of topics you start. This site is rated Teen, young people frequent it, so not everything is fair game. Nothing inappropriate, racist, sexist, etc.

    3. This isn't a place to have extended chats. You can do that in Off-Topic.

    4. Do not make threads like or anywhere close to the Superman vs child Gohan, That would be I.E. to Nazi Germany vs The Current U.S. Or the Civil War North U.S. to Nazi Germany. Be Mindful what do befor making a judgment like that.

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