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    Dorylus' RP Characters


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    Dorylus' RP Characters Empty Dorylus' RP Characters

    Post by Dorylus on Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:23 am

    -Own Universe:

    -#1: Gluttony
    Description: Gluttony is the soul of Leonard Wilson, a sinful individual who died from a stroke that, through his time in Hell, has forged an affinity with the mysterious power known as Inferno and became a Daemon in the process. Through excellent performance in pit fights and several strategic political manoeuvres, he was admitted into the innermost circle of hell along with Pride, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Sloth and Envy, where he informally came to be considered the inner circle's chef.
    -If "killed" by anything other than a holy weapon with sufficient strength, Gluttony's soul will return to hell, albeit at the cost that Gluttony will need time to recuperate, based on the thoroughness of the "death".
    -Gluttony passively absorbs Inferno through a remote mental connection to Hell, up to a maximum reserve. He can expend this energy to use techniques or enhance his physical capabilities.
    -Gluttony can use the crying ball in the inner circle to scout the mundane world and teleport to a chosen location there, provided the coordinates are known.
    -Gluttony can sense Inferno signatures, allowing him to detect other Daemons over a wide radius.

    -Existing Universe:

    Universe: Naruto
    Alias(es): Stone hunter, Hirogari forest sage
    Occupation: Ninja
    Affiliation: Hidone
    Classification: S-class sage missing-nin
    -Ninjutsu: 4.5
    -Genjutsu: 2.5
    -Taijutsu: 4
    -Strength: 5
    -Speed: 5
    -Intelligence: 4
    -Stamina: 5
    -Hand Seals: 2
    -Total: 32
    Favourite Words: Survival, Growth, Symbiosis
    Favourite Food: Crickets
    Least Favourite Food: Tofu
    Desired Opponent: A strong ninja, particularly a sage
    -Colossal strength; equalling chakra-enhanced strength when backed with earth spear and sage mode.
    -Extreme toughness; enough to survive S-ranked techniques when backed with earth spear and sage mode.
    -Blinding speed; faster than Kakuzu's but not at the level of legendary speedsters such as Minato and A.
    -Senshi's kikaichu can release him from any genjutsu.
    -Ninjutsu is effective against water.
    -Exceptional hand seal speed to compliment high-speed fighting style.
    -With brief meditation or prep with insect clones, can enter tarantula sage mode(provided his hive is sufficiently depleted to reduce it's chakra cost)
    -Shurikenjutsu is at academy student level.
    -Cannot cast any genjutsu.
    -Ninjutsu is vulnerable to lightning.
    -Ninjutsu is entirely short-mid range.

    Sanhasu Kyoseido
    Universe: Bleach
    Species: Shinigami
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Zanpakuto: Tsunagakemono
    Inner World: Overgrown ruins strewn with luminescent green runes.
    Personality: Tsunagakemono contrasts with Sanhasu's sagely demeanor with a primordial bloodthirst, but otherwise, their personalities are similar, with both valuing community ad strength strongly.
    Sealed Form: Nodachi
    Unsealing Command: "Tsunagakemono, raze to rubble!"
    Shikai: The top of the nodachi fashions itself into a mace head and sprouts spikes. In this form, whenever Tsunagakemono connects, it releases a blast of repulsive force based on how violent the impact was - the stronger the wielder, the more powerful the blast. One force-based ability is unlocked.
    -Chikara no Dangan: A blast of force similar to the Hado #1 "Sho", except with slightly more power.
    Bankai: The mace head becomes rounder, sprouts more spikes, detaches from the main body and then connects to it via a chain of green light, the length of which is controlled by the wielder, turning Tsunagakemono into a flail. The blasts of force become much more powerful, and more techniques are unlocked.
    -Shōgekiha: A successive series of powerful shockwaves that travel forward and sweep a wide area.
    -Yama no kuchiku-kan: A compressed force projectile that explosively decompresses on contact, dealing massive area-of-effect damage. If it doesn't hit anything, it has a fuse of about four seconds.
    -Chikara Shinsei: Absolutely exhausts the user's reiryoku to perform a massive blast of force from the user that levels the surrounding area.

    Universe: Bastion
    Race: Caelondian
    Class: Brusher
    Religious Views: Polytheistic - Worships Pyth, Roathus, Jevel and Garmuth.
    Ability Summary: Rorick is an impressive physical specimen, considerably strong and tough for a Caelondian - in no small part due to his long-running tour of duty in the Wilds as a Brusher. Accordingly, he has exceptional survival skills and great proficiency with the Brusher's Pike.
    Supporting these abilities, Rorick knows how to prepare a wide variety of meals from minimalistic ingredients and can brew health tonics, black tonics, stabsinthe, bull brandy, squirt cider, hearty punch and bastion bourbon.
    Rorick is, however, not proficient at all with firearms and can't maintain and modify any weapons more complicated than a spear. Having spent most of his time in the wild, his diplomatic skills are also limited - most of what he sees in the Wild is hostile creatures, and the usual procedure for them is Kill It.

    (In progress; request staff member to move this topic when there is a character creation forum)
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    Dorylus' RP Characters Empty Re: Dorylus' RP Characters

    Post by Divine Rush on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:51 pm

    Nice charecter I like it Shin

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